“ ..Music washes away the dust of everyday life. It is impossible to imagine a life without Music, Music has such a profound effect on us all.” – Nietzsche

Our Mission:

‘To inspire every child and adult with a love for Music and performing Music. No matter of aptitude or ability.’

It’s impossible to calculate the significance or importance of Music and the effect that it has on enhancing the quality of our lives. Music is the universal language that links cultures and covers the widest possible range of diversity.
As a non-verbal language, it helps students to express themselves and their emotions, and allows even the shyest and most introverted of learners a means of communicating. Through performing, we build confidence, learn presentation skills and develop social skills. The act of performing and singing alone teaches speech, self-confidence and self-expression.

Q: Does Music promote any key skills which will be useful to students and transferable to other subjects?

There is evidence linking music as a developmental aid to success in school and in other subjects. Music trains students in numeracy and literacy. When a learner is taught rhythm, they are indirectly learning ratios and fractions! It is a premise that one of the best ways to memorise or teach literacy to children, is to put concepts to music. (Think back to how we were taught the alphabet!)
Music is not exclusively about gaining musical knowledge and understanding; it promotes numerous life skills such as communication, concentration, discipline, imagination, analytical and critical thinking, and creativity. The skills used through the discipline of music can be transferred to study-skills, can assist with communication skills and can help cognitive development. Music introduces people to new social circles and develops creativity.

Q: How can we justify spending money and time on Music, which many see as a subject that embraces only those students who have an aptitude for music, and therefore is not inclusive to all students?

Here at LMA, our lessons cater for all abilities and we encourage children and adults who haven’t learnt an instrument before, to start now! It’s never too late to learn. Unfortunately, in today’s economic climate, often the first casualties of budget cuts are music programmes. Here at the LMA, we want to keep Music alive and we are dedicated to keeping young people (and adults!) knowledgeable and accomplished in performing music.
We are so fortunate in the UK, to have such a rich heritage of music. Our cross-cultural society allows us to have an insight into the music of many different nations and therefore a greater understanding and awareness of varying cultures. Music allows us to express ourselves individually, whether that be through metal music or a classical orchestra! It is our opinion that education should be ‘rich and broadly based’, that Music should be seen as more than a merely creative past-time.